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Relax. You have just found ​a stress-free way to run your 
Callan school.


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Imagine how easy your life would be if you had a software specifically designed for your Callan school that handled everything! No more Excel sheets, no more charts, no more missed payments or lost data.

Running a Callan school has become easier than ever.

We have been running a Callan school for over 15 years so we are familiar with all the difficulties that you experience on a daily basis. We designed CRM4Callan for school owners like you. We have cut our administration by half by implementing this software. It has really changed everything for us!


...for directors

  • Access your back office and have a full overview from anywhere, anytime
  • Cloud-based software allows you to have full-based access to all your finances, students, sign-ups and schedule
  • Track everything from teachers' hours to student payments

...for admins

  • Full student and class progression integrated with back office ensuring you are always up to date
  • Clear and easy tracking of all your finances, student payments, teachers' paychecks
  • Complete control over your scheduling and timetables
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    Cut down your admin time by 30%

...for teachers

  • Never lose a chart again or worry about bad handwriting
  • Simple attendance and grading system
  • Teachers can access their personal schedule from anywhere
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    Easy team communication

CRM has saved me a lot of hassle.

The teachers can access their classes on their phones, so that's really handy. As the school manager, I've been able to get rid of all the Excel sheets that I used to keep track of students, payments, etc. It was all over the place before. Now everything I need is on CRM. I can access it remotely too, which is very important for me because sometimes I need to find some info over the weekends or at times when I'm not physically at the school in front of the computer. All in all, it's been a massive time saver! Very pleased.

EMA BARBIR // School manager

No more paper!

I love the idea of CRM first of all because it helps save the environment - no more paper! Also, I like being able to access my daily and weekly schedule, as well as the charts, all in one place. I can prepare for classes and know exactly what I’m teaching whenever and no matter where I am, I don’t have to wait to get to school and see the charts.

NINA VUJCIC // Callan teacher

As a head teacher I'd like to say that CRM4CALLAN is, first and foremost, a huge time saver.

Everything I need is in one place and it takes a sec to check data for other teachers and classes. Charts are incomparably neater and easier to access and track. All the data is one click away, and I can do my work from anywhere. In addition, all the charts and teachers are much better organized, students are more satisfied, everyone knows what needs to be done, which saves us unnecessary confusion. We can all stay focused on what is really important, and that is to be a great teacher.

DOM BIONDIC // Head teacher