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What a difference a cookie makes! – Make your school a lounge area in between classes

All of us – as school owners – are trying to make our school as comfortable and relaxed for our students as possible. Feeling comfortable means that students will learn better and feel less stressed.

Often, these kinds of ideas remain just that – ideas. It takes an extra effort for it to become a realization.

Bruce Lee once said: Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

So, back to my point – we have all been to a particular bar that serves small snacks with your drink. Sometimes we go there just because we get those delicious complimentary snacks. Of course, our students will not come to lessons just because we offer them a few cookies, but they will feel welcomed and treated right. And it really makes a difference.

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With this in mind, take the following steps:

  • Make sure you know your students well – do you teach mostly adults or mostly kids?
  • Pick your weekly budget for various treats, but be careful to ensure that your students will enjoy what you are offering them. If your students are adults, don’t just offer candies.
  • Pick your treats. It can be a box of cookies, salty snacks or fresh or dried fruit – you get the picture.
  • Very important – don’t forget to organize a small coffee or tea area with cups for students.
  • Pick a day for shopping (Monday is the best so you have snacks for the whole week).
  • Delegate that special shopping task to somebody and stick to it. Make it a routine.
  • Make sure you buy some nice serving plates.
  • Do not forget music! You can program your computer to start playing music between classes. You can use music instead of a bell.
  • Make sure your school smells great. Everybody likes clean classrooms.
  • Special treats are allowed at the beginning or after finishing a stage

All of these things help present your school in a good light. And don’t forget to treat yourself as well. You deserve it! That’s it for today, folks!

6th August 2018